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This is an important part of the field service Icon EBS provides to our customers.  Our Safety Director is involved early on in the project, attends the project kick off meetings and remains active through out the construction.

Our Safety Goals
Icon Exterior Building Solutions, LP strives to provide our employees with the safest possible work environment.  Our first priority is the safety of our employees and those working around them.  Our Safety Goals are to complete each project accident free; to complete each project without injury or damage to property or equipment; and to continuously improve our safety performance.


Safety Guidelines
Icon follows the guidelines set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations Part 1926 for Construction and is proud to have consistently maintained an EMR rating below 1.0 in an industry where hazards, such as extreme heights, leading edge roof work and congested jobsites are commonplace.  Our safety record is a direct result of in the vigilance and training of our employees in hazard recognition and safe work practices.  Safety Guidelines have been established to insure consistency within our Safety Program.  These Safety Guidelines are an integral component of all Icon’s project planning.

  • Site Specific Safety Plan – Is developed based on the scope of work for each project.  The guidelines in the plan include safety training and orientation, housekeeping, work area safety, material handling, personal protection, tools, cranes, hoists, hole protection, signs and barricades, ladder and scaffolds safety, electrical safety, fire protection and prevention and hazard communication.
  • Activity Hazard Analysis Plan – Is developed and addresses hazards associated with material receipt and storage, rigging and use of suspended and/or supported scaffolding and aerial lifts, and the installation and erection of our construction materials.  An Activity Hazard Analysis Plan would be developed for any additional equipment of function not mentioned in previous plans.
  • Safety Task Assignment Form – Is used daily to support the Activity Hazard Analysis Plan.  The Safety Task Assignment Form provides a more detailed explanation of the task to be performed and the equipment and training necessary to complete the bulk task.
  • Safety Orientation – Is conducted for all newly hired employees prior to the commencement of work. Icon provides 32 point safety guide use as a pocket reference.

Safety Training

Icon believes in a proactive approach to safety.  Since every construction project is hazardous, safety training begins with jobsite orientation.  Additionally, weekly “Toolbox Talks” continue to provide a means of safety and supported scaffolding and be taught at the jobsites.

  • OSHA Training – Icon has the ability to provide OSHA training in construction safety and health for its employees through our in-house OSHA outreach Training Program.  Both the 10 hour and 30 hour courses are available.
  • Scaffold Safety – can be taught separately or as part of an OSHA training course.  Courses can accommodate suspended and supported scaffolding and be taught at the jobsites.
  • Fall Protection – Icon trains employees to follow the guidelines set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations subpart M for fall protection.  Like Scaffold Safety Training, it can also be part of an OSHA Program or be taught in the field.

  • Specialized Safety Training – Arrangements can be made through the Safety Department for specialized safety training when required for certain projects.